Celebrating 1 year!!!

Yesterday was my blogoversary!  One year ago yesterday, I took a step of faith and published my very 1st blog post!  I am endlessly grateful for the 20 seconds of insane courage it took to push publish that day, and for everything that has come after.  I could never have imagined all the blessings that would stem from that one simple act of courage.

I would like to thank each of you who has stood with me over this past year as I have found my footing in the writing world.  Blogging pointers, teaching me how to make a blog button, pointing me towards all the resources I would need to make my first days as a blogger a success, telling me what not to do, reading the words I poured out on these pages, commenting on my posts, sharing my words with others, and/or standing in my corner cheering me on.  No matter how you have stood with me over this past year, I am forever grateful for each one of you!



Fun Stuff:

I find it endlessly exciting that people in 25 different countries have read my words over the past year!  I do mean endlessly exciting!  I could go on and on about my fascination over this!  I mean really, how cool is that!  25 countries!  I even learned about a country I had never heard of before: Isle of Man, it lays in between Great Britain and Ireland in the Irish Sea.  Who knew having a blog could teach you some geography.  I also learned that there are 196 countries in this beautiful world of ours!  I got curious about the number of countries after I saw how many had read my blog.

In three short weeks I am going to my very first blogger retreat!  I am so super excited to be able to meet some of the ladies I have met in the blogosphere next month in Nashville, TN.  I was blessed that a friend introduced me to the Five Minute Friday community before I started my blogging journey.  I think finding your “place” or your “people” in anything you do, makes it so much better, and I have found my place with them.  From day one, they opened their arms wide and welcomed me into the blogging world.  I was both blessed and surprised by the strong community that was offered online, always there to support and pray for one another and cheer each other on as we tackle different, and sometimes the same, things.


The number one thing that this last year has highlighted for me is that every story matters.  Even when you feel like you have nothing to say that will help anyone, there is always someone who has been waiting to hear exactly what you have to say.


Thank you so much for taking this journey with me!  Now, here’s a recipe for the yummy Neapolitan cupcakes I made to celebrate my blogoversary!  Hope you enjoy them!



Mollie  ❤



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