Fear {Five Minute Friday}

This post is a part of Five Minute Friday, a writing flash mob that happens every week when writers are prompted by a single word to write for 5 minutes without any major editing. Just raw thoughts and emotions. You can find out more and/or join the party here.


Fear is the opposite of faith.

Did you hear that?  Fear is the opposite of faith. The two cannot exist in the same place.  This is not to say that if you have fear in one area of your life, that you are without faith in any area.  I believe you can be full of faith in say, knowing God will always take care of your financial needs, and at the very same time be fearful of being alone, without a spouse, forever.  That is actually exactly where I stand.  Those two areas are my biggest shows of fear and faith in my life.  I also believe that you can’t battle your fears if you keep them secret.  So give voice to them.  Grab some close friends and talk about it till it doesn’t seem so scary.  Also, shine the light of scripture on them.  I bet you they can’t stand up against God’s Word.

No matter what fears hold you captive, scripture holds the answer to defeat them, the truth that proves them false.

I have this picture in my head of a little girl with long brown hair whipping around her, screaming into a raging storm!  I couldn’t find a picture that matched the one in my head, but that’s what facing your fears feels like to me.  Can you see her?


Here’s to my fears and yours being defeated by the faith that carries us through, and to the hope that someday I will have the privilege of growing old with someone!



Mollie  ❤


2 thoughts on “Fear {Five Minute Friday}

  1. So glad you didn’t keep that a secret. That’s great advice – get those fears out in the light where you can get a good look at them and God can get His light all over them. Not nearly as scary then. I’ve been writing along the same lines recently in my Women Connect posts so your post hit the spot. Thank you for putting words to your fears and your faith.


    • Thank you so much Tracey! I’m not familiar with Women Connect, but I have noticed whenever God lays something on my heart I can’t seem to get away from it. It’s everywhere I turn. That could just be the way He reaches me though. 🙂


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