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Do you ever think about all the millions and billions of people walking this Earth who you will never meet? 

  I have always been a people watcher, but this is different from that.  Sometimes lately, when I’m out, when I’m sitting in a Starbucks watching people walk in and out, or walking down the grocery store isle past them, or even passing them on the road, I am struck by the sheer volume of people in this world who I will never know.  I wonder about their lives, about their families.  Do they know God?  Are they happy?  What does a day in their world look like?  If we met would we be friends?

Do you ever wonder about these things?  Or is it just me?

And sometimes I think, one decision made differently, 15 years back, and how would my life look different?  Who would I have met along the way, who I will never meet now on this life path that I’m on?

Just some things to ponder…  🙂


Mollie  ❤



More: From Messes to Miracles {Review and Giveaway}


About the book:

People everywhere are looking for something more. They’re in the grocery store aisle behind you, in the nail chair beside you, singing praise songs in front of you, and perhaps in the mirror staring back at you. People feel messy; plagued by looming feelings of ineffectiveness, indifference, depression, and purposelessness.
Does this sound like you?
What if more of God is actually what’s missing from your life? Whether it’s a messy life or a messy problem, it can become a walking miracle when we see God anew and wholly surrender to Him.
You were made for more than surviving. Old stale religion never satisfies. Neither do the solutions the world has to offer. What all of us need is an encounter with God that sets our hearts ablaze. Tammie has seen this in her own life as well as in countless lives around her.  Join her in More for a picture of how you can move from a life marked by messes to one that is truly miraculous.


About the Author:

tammie_head--headshot Tammie Head will be the first to tell you that her life is a walking miracle.  God has taken her from utter depravity to living a life she never dreamed of.  Head’s desire for God is insatiable, and she cannot keep Him to herself.  The effect on others who come in contact with her is usually the same, Christians and non-Christians alike: they want to know God like she does.


My Thoughts:

As someone currently walking through a valley, trying desperately to find her way out; this book could not have come to me at a better time. Tammie takes those messy parts of life that nobody likes to talk about, the ones we would rather stuff in a box and put way, way back in the deepest corner of the closet, and she puts them on full display for all to see.  I applaud her for that.  It’s not an easy thing.  She truly is using her story for the glory of the one who made her.  I will warn you, this book will not leave you unchanged.  As I read my way through her story, it caused me to take pause and examine my own progress, whether I wanted to or not.  If you let it, this book will creep in find the dead parts of your faith and bring them to the light.  It will drive out superficial faith.  It will inspire change, but not only change, but a deeper joining to the spirit.  I will tell you, I want the kind of relationship Tammie shares with our God.  I am so thankful that God is never done.  He’s not done with Tammie, He’s not done with me and He’s not done with you either!

This book reads like Tammie is a friend sitting in your living room, telling you her story.  I bet she is an excellent speaker!


The Giveaway:

I am thrilled to be able to offer one of my readers a chance to win a copy of Tammie’s book: More; From Messes to Miracles!  To enter, click on the Rafflecopter link below and follow the prompts.  The giveaway will run until 11:59 PM on May 9, 2015.  The winner will be chosen at random and will show in the Rafflecopter as well as emailed.  Must have a valid email to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Mollie  ❤

Love Inspired Series {Review and Giveaway}


love inspired


About the books:
The Love Inspired product line is a series of 6 books that are released every month & only have a shelf-life of one month.  This set of books is on sale April 21- May 28. PERFECT gifts for Mother’s Day (May 10).


My thoughts:

Warning!!!  Make sure you have ample time to sit and read for awhile before you pick one of these books up.  I promise you once you pick one up you won’t be able to put it down again.  I stayed up reading until I was struggling to keep one eye open so I could keep going!

I loved these books!  I fancy myself a hopeless romantic, so these were right up my alley.  These aren’t your typical romance novels.  They are thankfully missing any hint of graphic sex scenes, cheating spouses and couples who forge on without any regard for being married first.  But don’t worry, they are definitely lacking nothing in the emotion department.  They pull you in, wrapping you in a warm hug of sweat emotion, complete with all the internal battles and insecurities that flow through the female, and male, mind as we stand in the face of blooming love.  These are true love stories that leave you feeling hopeful.

I absolutely recommend the Love Inspired Series!  To get you started here is a coupon to save $1 on any Love Inspired purchase!


The giveaway:

I am thrilled that I get to offer one of my readers a chance to win all 6 books!  To enter click the link below and follow the prompts!  The giveaway runs until 11:59 PM on Friday May 8, 2015.  The winner will be chosen at random and displayed in the app as well as emailed.  Must have a valid email address to enter!

Love Inspired Series Giveaway


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