Flash Mobs!

I find deep and abiding joy in flash mobs; yes, flash mobs. I love them! Give me music and/or dance and I am there. I would love to participate in a flash mob, or at least see one in person sometime. Of course for me to be involved in a flash mob it would have to be planned for a year or two out. This momma can’t dance. I have some rythm, but remembering and following dance moves? Forget it! The only dance I have ever been able to do without the instructor directly in front of me is basic salsa. Come on now, that’s just rolling your hips. I can remember the instructor saying as long as you get the hips down don’t worry about the foot work too much. It will come eventually.One of my NYC dance partners at the time did not agree however. Poor Luis used to get so frustrated with me. Just follow me”, he would say. The problem with that is I have no idea how to follow. I figured as long as I knew what I was doing and you knew what you were doing everything would work out just fine, right? As it turns out, not so much.  Oh, how I do miss those nights of dancing.  They are but a distant memory as I get ready to strip a chicken and pack it in single use portions for freezing.  But, down the bunny trail I seem to have gone….

I love that flash mobs have swept the globe.  That I can turn to youtube and watch flash mobs that have been recorded from all over the world.  It is such an amazing thing to me that all these people, who sometimes have never even met, come together in seemingly perfect unity for a single moment in time.  They come to surprise, to entertain and to show off their individual talents for anyone who happens to be lucky enough to be present during their performance.  I love that they usually start small and grow larger and larger as people continue to join in!  Then they just walk away as if nothing ever happened.

It is in the most unlikely of places that you often find the messages that this broken world most desperately needs.  There is hope in these gatherings.  That strangers can unite together as one entity to spread joy, with no great cause to face down, no tragedy to overcome, well, it speaks hope to me.  Hope that this world isn’t quite as lost and broken as it sometimes feels it is.  These little messages are there, you just have open your eyes and look for them.

So, I thought I would share some of my favorite flash mobs I have seen recently.  I hope you enjoy!  If you have a favorite, leave a link to it in the comments section.  I would love to see it!  🙂


This one leaves me with wet eyes and images of the Von Trapp children in their drapery play clothes floating through my mind.


This one brings forth the emotion that only truly beautiful music can.


Who doesn’t love a sweet proposal!

Mollie ❤


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