Wait {Five Minute Friday}

This post is a part of Five minute Friday, a writing flash mob that happens every week when writers are prompted by a single word to write for 5 minutes without any major editing. Just raw thoughts and emotions. You can find out more and/or join the party here.

I think one of God’s greatest gifts to us is the ability to wait, all be it impatiently.  But it can be an all consuming thing, to wait for that something you (think) you want more than anything.  I should know, I’ve been waiting for a husband for…wait, how old am I again?….   It has been the one constant thing on my mind from the time I get up till the time I surrender to sleep.  As I stand here, waiting, I look back over the men who have come through my life, and I thank God that I never made it to the alter with any of them.  I can wait for the picture of love God has shown me through friends’ marriages.  Yes, I can wait for that.

In my time of waiting for that thing I desperately want, I am thankful.  I am thankful for the gifts and talents that I have discovered inside myself that I might never have discovered if I were busy being someone’s wife.  Waiting is what led me here.  It is in my waiting that I discovered a love and talent for writing that really had always been there. (They say look to childhood activities to discover what you’ll be good at.)  So, while I am still waiting, all be it impatiently, I am a more fulfilled person than I would have been had I married a year or more ago, before I found this other great love of mine.

In your waiting, no matter what it is you are waiting for, take the time to listen to that still small voice as He whispers truths about yourself in your ear.  Take those truths and act on them.  Find out what they mean for you.

PS–I always think of one of my favorite poems by Russell Kelfer when I hear the word wait.  You can read that poem here.



Mollie  ❤


15 thoughts on “Wait {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Nice post. For what it’s worth, I waited a long time to find a wife…and those years made me a barely tolerable husband. God kept me out of the way of women for a reason, I guess, because any earlier and the marriage would have been a train wreck.

    Which it nearly was, anyway; we divorced after less than a year of marriage (my fault, no excuse), and remarried a bit less than a year after that. The first marriage was a big church event, the second was in a helicopter in Las Vegas.

    I spent a lot of year riding helicopters into places where one would not want to vacation (and getting exfil-ed, post-haste, on strings), so maybe that’s why the second marriage took.

    But hang in there. There is a man out there who will consider it the highest honour he’s ever received, to walk by you through life, and he’ll pinch himself every morning to make sure he’s not just dreaming.

    I do.


    • Married in a helicopter! That’s pretty exciting! I wonder, do people do that a lot? I’m glad you found your love!
      Thank you, Andrew, for your kind words. It’s a nice picture to have to look forward to. 🙂


  2. Really enjoyed reading your post. Loved how you note that you’re thankful in your waiting (that’s something I’ve definitely learned during my waiting period). Love that you identify yourself as a writer (how brave!)…..thanks for posting such a well-written and authentic post. {A FMF friend}


  3. Mollie, we are both in NC!!! I am way up in the most northwestern corner. Waiting is difficult but in your situation, a wise thing to do. Making sure it is God who brings that husband not just the “want-to” to be married! Blessings to you, sister. #FMF


  4. Mollie, I read your post last night and wanted to pray for some encouraging word to give you as I have never experienced the wait of singleness that you described here. Then this morning I saw that Bianca Olthoff posted this on Facebook: “Dear single friends, you do not have to have a significant other to have a significant life.” So can I just offer you that today? That you matter. That your story matters. That your life is significant all on its own? Thank you for being part of the #fmfparty community.


    • Thank you Colleen, for taking the time to pray for me and for your encouragement. Our sweet FMF community has been a blessing straight from God. I am so grateful for each and every one of you.


  5. As I was reading your post, I admire how you’ve taken you “waiting time” and putting it to good use! I married young and I’m very happy in my marriage, butI think it took a lot longer for me to find those hidden treasures within myself. My writing is one of those treasures. thanks for posting this and praying it touches someone who may also be waiting and offer them hope!


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