It’s in the details.

Day 5 of 31 in my series 31 Days of Walking in Love.

photo credit: jjay69 via photopin cc

photo credit: jjay69 via photopin cc


Don’t you love that feeling you get when someone remembers something about your life that you really don’t expect them to remember?  It makes you feel like you are important to them.  Like you are special.  The little details are what make us unique.  Makes each one of us different from another.  The details matter.  They are what make us who we are.  When someone takes time out to take notice of those things and then to remember them later, oh what a beautiful feeling that is.

Some of us are just hardwired to notice these little details of life.  Are you one of those people?  Do you make the people around you feel noticed by recalling the little details of their lives?  I am a details girl myself.  I often notice things that go unnoticed by others, and it is the small details of life that more readily come to mind for me over other “more important” things.  It’s ok if you aren’t normally someone who takes notice of these things.  It is just another way you and I are different, and there is hope for you yet.  If you know that you don’t generally remember these things, then my advice to you is to WRITE IT DOWN when you do notice something.  I feel that you are more likely to remember something when you take the time and concentration to write it down.  If you still can’t remember, you always have the list to refer back to when you want to make them feel loved, cared for, noticed.  Recalling the little details of someone’s life is a beautiful way to say “I see you, I care for you, and the things that make you uniquely you matter to me.”  So, take the time to study the people who are important in your world, not in a creepy way now.  😉  Then show them that the details matter.

Reminder, this post is a part of write31days, a writing challenge to post to my blog every day in October, as well as a part of Kate Motaung’s challenge to write those posts in just five minutes.


Mollie  ❤


2 thoughts on “It’s in the details.

  1. I so need help in this area. Thanks for the tip to write things down. I am sorry I haven’t visited much. Trying to juggle life and figure out how to stay on top of what I love to do at the same time. Hugs!


    • No worries. I haven’t been visiting around as much as I would like to either. I use writing things down for the things that I don’t remember easily, like the ever changing lists of toys that my boys want. 🙂


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