What I Love About Sunday

With daylight savings time starting today, fall roll back, my kids have been up since 5 AM, and fighting since 6.  But still, as I get ready for the day, I can’t help but think about how I love Sundays!  Sunday isn’t about me.  I’m about Sunday.

I love when I wake up with a song playing in my head!  It’s like a special wake up call from God created just for me.  🙂  I want to share two songs with you this morning!  I hope you will join me with arms raised in unashamed worship of the King this morning!

The first brings me special joy to share.  The worship team at my church launched their first EP album of all original songs on itunes this week!  It is amazing.  You can check out their EP here and enjoy the live video shot at my church below!  I am so very proud of the talented people God has placed in my life!

United LIVE by Rescue House Worship from Rescue House Church on Vimeo.


The second is the one that has been playing in my head this morning as I get ready to go serve at church!  This song really does highlight the state of my heart this morning!


My prayer for you this morning is that you will find your sweet spot today.  That place that brings you undeniable joy, even when there are kids running around you trying to kill each other with the swords that came home with them from daddy’s house….not that that is what’s going on here right now or anything.  🙂  LOL.  If you wanted to say a prayer for the tiny attitude that refuses to eat breakfast I would appreciate it.  🙂

May the light of the Father’s love touch your heart this morning!


Mollie  ❤



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