Through New Eyes.

Day 3 of 31 of my series 31 Days of Walking in Love.


Several years ago I worked as a public safety officer on a local college campus.  I had a coworker who I absolutely could not stand.  Everything about him just irked me.  About this time the holiday season was nearing, and i knew he would be alone.  That’s when the thought popped into my head to invite him to my family Thanksgiving dinner.  I immediately rejected the idea.  I didn’t want to.  We’ve all met them, those people who just rub us the wrong way.  Whether it’s one thing about them that bugs you, or a whole list of things.

How do we love those people who are hard for us to love?

My thoughts?  Change your perspective.  Strip away all the things that bug you about them and see them through new eyes.  So what is it you have left when you strip away all of that?  One of God’s children who is just trying to make it through this life.  They stumble, they fall and hopefully they get right back up and try again.  Everyone you come into contact with is one of God’s children.   Did you get that?  I said everyone you come into contact with is one of God’s children.  Whether they believe in Him or not.  After all, you were lost to Him once upon a time.  So, look at them with new eyes.  See what God sees when He looks at them.  When you stop thinking of them as someone who bugs you and start thinking about them as a brother or sister in Christ, or as one of His lost children, it will become so much easier to love them..

Sidenote:  The things that bother you the most about someone else is usually something that you dislike about yourself.  Just a thought…


Reminder, this post is a part of write31days, a writing challenge to post to my blog every day in October, as well as a part of Kate Motaung’s challenge to write those posts in just five minutes.  In addition I will be linking this post to Five Minute Friday, a writing flash mob where writers write for 5 minutes on a prompt word with minimal editing.


Mollie  ❤



6 thoughts on “Through New Eyes.

  1. So true! This is hard to do with those exceptionally annoying people – don’t we all have those people in our lives. Great perspective! Thanks for sharing.
    *an FMF neighbor stopping by


  2. It’s so hard sometimes to look past those things that drive us crazy about people and dig out the gold that is underneath the surface. Have a lovely weekend!


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