Silence is Golden.

Day 2 of 31 of my series 31 Days Of Walking in Love.

photo credit: jjay69 via photopin cc

photo credit: jjay69 via photopin cc


Sometimes silence is golden.  

silence is golden

The simplicity of life has been lost to busy schedules and the noise, so much noise,  of constant activity.  It is easy for voices to be lost in the sheer volume of it all.  When someone lacks the strength or the willpower the stand up and make their voice be heard they can just melt into the background.  You’ve seen people like that, the ones who seem to exist on the outskirts of activity.  The ones who never really seem to connect with anyone.  But, it’s there in their eyes, a longing to be seen, to be heard.  Sometimes the greatest thing you can do for someone is to sit in silence and give them room to open up to you.  The room to pour their heart and soul out for you.  Sit back and watch as the weight lifts from their shoulders.  As that spark returns to their eyes.  Now this could be the easiest, or possibly the hardest, way for you to show someone love .  If you are a talkative person it will take some willpower on your part to just be silent.  Sometimes they don’t need your words.  They don’t need you to give them advice.  They just need to be heard by someone.  I believe that you will be blessed as much as they are.

And when you leave them you can apply your new skill at listening to your relationship with God.  I have this mental picture of the scene laid out in Luke 10:38-42 in my head as I type this.  I see Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening, as Martha is in the background worrying after everything she thinks needs to be done.


Reminder: This post is a part of write31days, a challenge to post to my blog every day in October, and Kate Motaung’s challenge to write all those posts in just five minutes.  In addition today’s post will be linked up with Tuesday at Ten, where you have a week to write on a prompt word.


Mollie  ❤


8 thoughts on “Silence is Golden.

  1. Oh, to walk in love…it is a continual learning maybe, to learn to love like Him…and everlasting journey leading us ever closer to our true Home. I love the theme and that you are challenging yourself to Kate’s 5 minute writes ( and Friday prompts) . That is great.


    • Thank you Dawn! The five minute writes do add another dimension to the challenge for sure! To love like Him is something I get wrong all the time, but I am hoping to learn some new ways we can all walk in love while I’m writing this series. 🙂

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