13 years..A Tribute

Today marks ten years since that horrifying day when the landscape of our little part of the world was forever changed, and so were we.  That day was many things to many people.  It was first and foremost a terrible day of great loss.  Many many lives were lost that day, and if I could list every name here for you to see I would because with every name there is a story.  Our sense of security as a nation was shattered that day as well, but even in the midst of all this we gained, because out of the ashes rose a sense of patriotism, a feeling of oneness.  In the days following the attacks strangers stood in line for hours waiting to give blood .  Provisions were collected and sent with volunteers who flocked to the World Trade Center to lend a hand.  In that moment in time we truly stood as One Nation under God.

I bought this from a street artist in New York City.

I bought this from a street artist in New York City.

I won’t post a bunch of pictures of that day.  Truth be told I could probably close my eyes and remember fairly accurately the images that graced my television screen and newspapers in the weeks and months that followed.  Instead my simple tribute is simply remembering.  I was 21 and attending a local community college.  That morning I drove the 30 minutes to school to be met with a note on the door that my instructor’s son was sick and classes were canceled for the day.  Since I only had classes with that instructor I signed the list saying I had showed up and started the trip back home.  I called a classmate to tell her classes had been canceled and it was then that I found out.  She told me that a plain had hit the first tower and she was frantically trying to get a hold of her sister who worked about a block from the World Trade Center.  I was asked to call another professor to tell him that Jamie wouldn’t be coming to class that day and I did.  I drove to my then boyfriend’s house, arriving just in time to witness the second plain crash into the second tower.  the rest of the day was kind of numb as we watched the coverage from North Carolina.  Thirteen years and it still seems just as senseless and crippling as it did then.  Tears still fall whenever I think on that day for more than a few fleeting seconds.

I came across a commercial a Facebook friend shared today and I would like to share it with you.  The caption under the video says that Budweiser only aired it once so as not to benefit financially from it – they just wanted to acknowledge the tragic event ……

Where were you that day?  Will you share your story of that day with us?




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