To a mommy the silence can signal a problem with the littles. In my house it usually means they are making a gigantic mess that will likely be hard to clean up. When the kids aren’t here, the silence is deafening. But what if we used the silence to listen for God’s voice? To be sensitive to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit within us? How would the silence change for you if you used it to draw closer to the one who made you? To listen to His plan for your life?  To rest in His loving comfort?  To let Him shape and mold your life into what He meant for it to be?

Everyone is so busy these days that is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the world and forget to be still and listen to that still small voice that is calling out to you.  Did He tell you to take that next step you just took, or have you stopped listening for His approval before you make a move?  Is your life in shambles?  Have you made time to pray to Him lately?  And more importantly, did you listen for a reply?  I think we don’t know how to wait on Him anymore.  We have been overtaken my movement that is next to impossible for us as a body to be still and just listen for a time.  What would it look like if we took our cues from God instead of the rest of the world that is moving so quickly around us?  Often we think that our singular actions don’t make an impact, but it only takes one doing something and then teaching someone else to do the same, to create a movement.  A movement can change the world.

So pray and then listen for God’s reply.




Take that step.

Don’t take that one.

No matter His answer, do it.  Go out and change the world.  It just takes one!



Mollie  ❤

This post is a part of Tuesday at Ten, writing based on a prompt word.


4 thoughts on “Listen

    • My quiet usually consists of staring at some screen, so I know the struggle. I get so worried to miss something or waiting to see who responds to things I’ve put out there that I forget the most important thing.


  1. The world is SO loud, louder still, I think, when we have kids and the responsibility that comes with them. But even then, especially then, listening carefully is crucial. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    • You’re right. It becomes increasingly important to listen for the Father’s voice after kids come along because it’s not just our lives we are letting Him shape, but theirs as well. Thank you for visiting!


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