Five Minute Friday — Tell

Five minute Friday is a writing flash mob that happens every week when writers are prompted by a single word to write for 5 minutes without any major editing.  Just raw thoughts and emotions.  You can find out more and/or join the party here.


My brother.  He was a half brother and we only lived together one summer when I was around 6 and he was 14.  We were never terribly close, but he was my big brother.  He was a pro wrestler and the healthiest person I knew.  It was an aneurism (I have no idea how to spell that word) that took him one morning.  He was 33.  It will be 9 years in October since he was taken home.


Jason.  Jason was loud and silly, never serious, but I loved him.  Not like a girl loves a boy, but like a best friend.  He is who I went to when the boyfriend of the moment was being a jerk, or I had a freshly broken heart, or when I just liked someone.  He was my sounding board.  It will be 17 years in January since a car wreck on a rainy morning on a curvy road took him.


There have been others over the years.  Grandparents, who the thought of can still reduce me to tears, friends, old boyfriends, but those two were respectively the last and first losses that shook me to my core.  The kind of loss where you still pick up the phone to call them for weeks, or months after, before you remember that you can’t.


So tell them.  Tell them that you love them.  Tell them that you care.  Let the people in your life know how much you care while there is time.  If you’re single and there is someone who makes your heart flutter, tell them.  The worst they can say is no.  You’ll save your heart regret and the bother of what if.  We are not promised tomorrow.

photo credit: ashley rose, via photopin cc

photo credit: ashley rose, via photopin cc

If you knew this was the last time you would see someone you love, what would you say to them?  Now go tell them, because it just might be.


Mollie  ❤

I love you all and would like to thank you for your support you have given me as I stepped out in faith in writing this blog.


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday — Tell

  1. Wow…how poignant and powerful! I truly hear this. Last weekend I spent time visiting with a young man I hadn’t seen in years. It was just small talk, but I had a deep connection to him because I witnessed his first breath having coached his young single mother through his birth 28 years ago. Just small talk…I didn’t take the opportunity to speak of anything that really mattered, although I could have…should have. I just attended his funeral. Unexpected tragedy, unsaid words, unbelievable regret. Thanks for encouraging, admonishing. May we all heed your words. Thanks….


    • Bless your heart. That is a hard situation to go through. If you can look past the hurt to the silver lining, at least you got to see him one last time before he was called home. Praying for peace for you.


  2. I have found your writing from FMF. Thanks for those encouraging words–I try to live out the “tell them now” mantra with each encounter. You are right–we never know how long we have someone. Enjoy your weekend!


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