Find it in the little things!

God promises His children good things and that he will provide everything we need. That has been an ongoing message in my little corner world this week. It’s what the sermon was about at church Sunday, Matthew 6:24-34. We talked about it in my discipleship group Sunday night. And God has been showing me those good things in small mercies this week.
My boys are 4 and 6 and have been fighting nonstop for weeks now. They are just sick of each other. (Insert lesson on sibling bonding here…) God gave me the gift of VBS this week. Three hours each morning this week free of fighting boys!!! I could hug whoever thought up the idea of VBS right now! They assure me that they don’t want to go back each morning as I drop them off, but they always have fun and there is always more art work to adorn the fridge with.

Today's VBS artwork!

Today’s VBS artwork!


Wild life 016


Today during my break I went to Kohl’s in search of pajamas for them. I figure it’s time Lucas stop looking like he’s wearing high waters when he puts on pajama pants. Don’t ya know my Daddy blessed me with 60-80% discount racks full of kids pajamas! Plus there just happened to be a $10 off kids apparel coupon in my Facebook news feed this morning. 🙂 I saved $185 at Kohl’s this morning! I do love that feeling of watching the register total melt away as sales and coupons are taken off!
Wild life 014


Next on my agenda for the day was going to pick up my reserved copy   of God’s Not Dead that came out today! I can’t wait to watch it with my   friends in the coming weeks as we find the time in our busy schedules     for fellowship.

And the final stop, so far, on today’s tiny blessings tour is a lunch mostly free of drama. Old El Paso started making nacho cheese taco shells, like the doritos tacos they make at Taco Bell, and my boys LOVED them!!! Score 1 point for mom! Oh I found this crock pot ranch chicken tacos recipe that is sooo good! Find the recipe here!

So you see, none of these things are big things, but they make a big difference in the way my days go.  They are little love letters from the Father to one of His most loved daughters!  He hears my needs, He sees my frustrations and He cares about them all.  He does the same for you.  I bet you can find them.  Look around. What are those little things in your world that God is using to say, “I’m here.  I see you.  I hear you.  I love you. I want good things for you.” Do you see them? Good. Hold onto them. Remember them when you need a reminder of God’s love for you.



Mollie  ❤


4 thoughts on “Find it in the little things!

  1. In this busy world, especially when you’re parenting multiples, I think you’re right – we have to find joy in the little things. I love you calling them “little love notes from God.” They definitely are! And when we find love in the little things, we are teaching our children to do the same!


    • I do hope they catch on. Some days I don’t think I do such a good job modeling it for them. I’m going to have to teach them my new lingo and to find “little love notes from God” for themselves. 🙂


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