Face to face, oh how I long to be….

Today I am overwhelmed as I think back to the Garden of Eden.  To Adam and Eve being the only humans to ever walk side by side with God in physical form. They could reach out and touch Him, talk to Him and hear an audible voice in response. They had the privilege to come face to face with Him.  They had a relationship with Him like we have with one another.  I am in awe of that relationship they got to have with God.  Maybe even a little bit jealous of them.
Take a moment and think about what it must have been like to have a physical tangible relationship with God. Are you crying yet? No? Think on it a little harder. Imagine reaching out and touching the maker of all creation.  To actually lay your hand in His.  Talking to Him and hearing His voice.  Standing face to face with Him.
I don’t know about you, but just the thought of it sends tears cascading down my face.  You and I can’t go back to those early days in the Garden and walk with Him, but we will walk with Him one day.

I leave you with this song, that in part captures the absolute awe that the thought of being that close to Him inspires.



Sometimes I like to think God still has the Garden of Eden hidden away in some remote part of the world waiting for the day His children will return to it and walk with Him in relationship like He planned all along.  I can only imagine…



Mollie ❤


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