Five Minute Friday — Finish

Five Minute Friday


To complete.

To stop doing something.

Some days I long to finish something, anything. There is always one more load of laundry. ( I swear it multiplies in the pile.) One more dish to wash. One more dinner to cook. One more mess to clean up. Truth is we are never finished.
The things I can finish I often wish could go on. When I reach the last page of a book I wish for the next chapter….what happens next? Where do they go from here?


Aren’t you glad that in the same vein, God is never finished with us. Aren’t you glad He doesn’t look down at you and say, “I’ve done all I can with this one. I’m finished.”? He started working in us before we were a glimmer in our parents’ eyes and He doesn’t finish that work until well, ever. Even after we leave this earth he won’t be done with us.



Mollie ❤




2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday — Finish

  1. Ha! Hi, friend! What are the odds that YOU are the blogger right before me? I decided to jump in on this FMF fun because of your post last week. 🙂 Love it!

    And, yes! Definitely happy that He’s never finished with us!


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